May Update: We are now taking bookings for assessment, but there are a limited number of appointments available and there is a waiting list for counselling. Our Dereham branch is currently only offering face to face counselling on a Monday morning.   

Covid-19 Update: During lockdown 4Cs moved its service online providing counselling via Zoom. We are gradually re-introducing face to face work whilst taking all precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. We continue to offer Zoom as an alternative. Assessments for counselling are generally done via Zoom, but we are open to discussing the possibility of telephone or face to face assessments with clients unable to access Zoom technology.

If you would like to be considered for an online assessment for counselling, please complete the enquiry form on this website, or telephone: 

07434 654439 or 07749 596932 for Norwich


07951 316436 for Dereham.

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Who We Are

4Cs (Centres for Christian Care and Counselling) is staffed by both male and female counsellors who work on a voluntary basis. All the counsellors have a personal Christian faith.


We offer the same service to anyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality or beliefs. We recognise that ALL people are created in God’s image and are of infinite value and worth. All people are worthy of respect and unconditional acceptance. We do not make value judgements based on individual’s choices, behaviour or circumstances. We acknowledge intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of both our lives and those of our clients.


Believing that God has given everyone free will to make their own decisions, we recognise that it is the client’s responsibility and right to make their own decisions and choices. It is our undertaking to walk alongside them during their journey with us and to support them in any decisions or choices they make, free from pressure or persuasion in a supportive, caring, respectful yet therapeutic environment.

We are open to working with faith/spiritual issues, but only if this is your wish. It is our firm undertaking not to discuss our faith or faith issues with you unless you specifically ask us to do so.

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4Cs Counselling

What to Expect

Counselling with 4Cs starts with a free assessment via Zoom, or if this is not possible at a 4Cs Centre of your choice.  In the assessment we will discuss what issues you want to bring to counselling, confidentiality, your availability and familiarise you with the building.  It will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions


After the assessment, you will be allocated to a counsellor when one becomes available.  The counsellor will be matched to your availability.  Sessions will be  between 50 minutes and an hour long.   


4Cs is a 'not for profit' charity, the service being maintained by donations, fundraising events and grant applications. We do not charge a fee for counselling, but ask that clients make a donation to the charity, suggesting between £5 and £40 per session in order to cover our costs. and maintain the service.  Many clients offer to Gift Aid their donations and this is a great help to the charity. This can be discussed at assessment.

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Former Clients' Comments

"Today I had my last session of counselling. I suffered with depression/anxiety and, mixed with drinking too much last year, I made a couple of really bad decisions which led me with no choice but to seek counselling. I literally hated every idea of it which is why I hadn't gone before. It has been A-mazing help. I understand myself, I feel great and I'm hoping I won't need to go back in the future, but I know it's there if I need it.  I went to 4Cs in Norwich which is a charity. It's run by Christians but you wouldn't know they were religious."

"I have just read the description of 4Cs on the website: caring, respectful, supportive, therapeutic and I couldn't have put it better myself!


My counsellor took the time to understand me as a person and explore how my background and disability impact on how I feel about myself and the things that have happened to me. I felt able to open up to her and be really honest about my thoughts and feelings. This meant we could really get to the heart of the issues that weren't allowing me to move forward.


I now understand that I am as valid a human being as anyone else and that I don't have to feel ashamed or apologetic about who I am.


I am grateful for the compassion and care that all at 4Cs have shown me, from the gentleman who made me a cup of tea when I was early for my appointment to my counsellor and others who took me out to my taxi and made sure I was safe.


I wish you all the very best in all you do. You provide a very valuable service in a very professional way."

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Please click here to read our Privacy NoticeMay Update: We are now taking bookings for assessment, but there are a limited number of appointments available and there is a waiting list for counselling. Our Dereham branch is currently only offering face to face counselling on a Monday morning.