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                                                                             4Cs PRIVACY NOTICE

Any personal data collected by 4Cs is for the purposes of supporting the counselling process for the individual. Our Privacy Notice explains how and why we collect and store your personal data, how we keep it safe, and the limited conditions under which we may disclose information which identifies an individual.

Information sent to us via the website contact form is limited to that which is needed for us to be able to get in touch with you in order to set up an initial appointment. If you do not attend for an initial assessment, we will not store your information.

We will collect the following personal information as you register to use our service at your initial appointment. It will be written on to a registration card which is then locked away securely.

  1. First name and surname – this is collected on your registration card which is locked away securely. It is needed should we have cause to contact a GP in an emergency or report any safeguarding concern. You will not be identified by name in any other document without your consent.

  2. Date of Birth – this is collected so that we can identify you correctly should a medical service be required. We will also note your age, but not your date of birth, on a data base designed to gather information about the range of people using our service.

  3. Address – this is optional, but is useful to send out reminders or evaluation documents.

  4. Phone and or email – we need a way to contact you, to set up initial appointments and meetings with a counsellor. We also need to be able to inform you should your counsellor be unable to come in for your session or change an appointment time.

  5. Permission to text or leave a message – we need to know if we can leave a brief message either by text or voicemail.

  6. GP surgery – we need to know that you are registered with a GP should there be concerns about your safety. We would not contact a GP without you knowing that we intend to do so and why.

  7. Ethnicity – this is optional, but we use this to record information about the range of ethnicities our service reaches.

  8. Gift Aid – some of our clients Gift Aid their donations to 4Cs. It is necessary to complete a Gift Aid declaration form which asks for full name and address. These forms are stored securely, away from client session notes. When claiming back tax on Gift Aid we fill in a form online for HMRC. This form asks for your name and address. It is sent electronically to HMRC via a secure server.


Data collected on the registration card is used to support funding applications or to monitor the effectiveness of our service. For each client we will note the date of assessment, ethnicity, age, when they began counselling, when they finished, how many sessions they received, the amount they donated each week and the counsellor seen. The client is not identified by name. No identifiable information is shared with any agency without your permission unless there are exceptional safeguarding issues. These are explained in the Client Agreement at assessment.

  1. Any notes made by your counsellor will be stored in a file with your client number on it and not your name. This is locked away securely and in a different place to your registration card. We currently store client notes and registration cards for 1 year in case the client returns for more counselling. After this time all information is shredded. You can opt to have your information shredded immediately, once you have completed the counselling process if this is your wish.

  2. Our Client Counselling Agreement outlines exceptional circumstances in which 4Cs may have to break confidentiality. This is explained to you at assessment, and given to you in writing.

  3. You will be asked to sign the client agreement and a Data Collection agreement. The signed documents will be stored securely.


You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request

to our data protection officer Kathryn Habershon at


This Privacy Notice was last reviewed July 2022. It will be reviewed each year.


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